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  • Is this service / business public or member only? Public
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  • Are mobility services currently being offered? No
  • What availability does your current operations have? 24/7
  • Do citizens need to reside in North Bay to access services? No

To All Residents of the Districts of Nipissing and East Parry Sound.
Dear Friends,

During this time of social distancing, I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and in good health.

NNPCN is in the list of essential healthcare services during the pandemic. we are open from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

We offer our psychosocial support phone visits to all members of our community.

Our trained Volunteers are here to help combat social isolation among the residents of North Bay and Area, West Nipissing, Mattawa and Almaguin Regions, North up to Temagami, South up to Novar, West up to Hagar and East up to Deur Revieres.

The COVID-19 situation is triggering a new kind of individual grief and social grief, aggravated by anxiety, depression, loneliness, social isolation, fear of an uncertain future, practical daily challenges like getting your groceries and medication, not enough support to our elderly and lonely people, challenges with our family, with frontline jobs making staff exhausted and burnout, with unemployment, with our business, or our finances.

Whatever is your challenge, we are here for you, and ready to listen to you with unconditional understanding and support.

We are trained not only to touch base by phone or teleconference with residents of our community, weekly or on demand, but also to support businesses and professionals in distress.

We walk the extra mile and ask clients in the community if they lack anything: medication, food, transportation, someone to help them with their home chores, etc

When any vital need is located, we are here to advocate for you. Volunteers report it to me, so that our Team Leads and myself advocate for you or help you find the help you need.

Please help us reach out to the vulnerable sector of our community: the elderly, the sick, the lonely, the poor, burnt-out caregivers and professionals. If you are concerned with someone, offer our support to them and ask them to contact us.

Do not hesitate to refer facilities, organizations and residents of our community that would benefit from a phone visit for psychosocial support.

For further information or to refer clients, please contact the NNPCN Office.

By phone: 705-497-9239.

By email: [email protected]

Applications online:

On social media:

To Volunteer with us:

Near North Palliative Care Network, here for you when you need it the most since 1987.

Stay safe, my friend!


Monica Do Coutto Monni, NNPCN Executive Director


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